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When we meet up with clients there are a few questions that keep popping up. Its either the client does not fully understand what is market research or how market research can help their product. Below some of the questions:

Q : What is market research?
A : Market research is a process of collecting and analyzing data or information given by respondent for any topic.

Q : How can a company benefit from market research?
A : Company can use its data to analyze customer behavior, competitor and the current market trend. It can also help the company to create a business plan, launch a new product, launch an advertisement, or analyze the current product or services that the company are offering to the customers. It can minimize the business risk by knowing what the customers really want.

Q : How does market research company select the person to be interviewed?
A : Before the start of any study, the market research company will first understand the objective of it. Each study is tailored to the objective or the product. From age of respondent, race, location, income, any other behavior that is deemed necessary to get the right respondent. It will ensure that the data that is collected fits perfectly to the objective.

Q: How long do the data / result of the study be use by the company?
A : Today’s market is fast changing. It is advisable that all product or services study be done yearly to get more accurate result. It can ensure that the product or services offered will always be in the loop of what the current customer wants and what the potential customer needs.

Q : Is BMI Research different from other market research company?
A : BMI Research belongs to a group, Brand Marketing Institute Consulting Group. We don’t only offer market research services but we also have a team of branding / advertising to fine tune the product, re-branding a product or company, create more accurate advertising material.

BMI Research is also focused in giving an accurate data to the client by maximizing quality control.

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Maria Azlan
Chief Operating Officer
BMI Research (Malaysia)