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Jan 22, 2010

Our Online Research Services

Data Collection through Online [Survey Programming and Hosting]
With a dedicated team of experienced survey programmers, we guarantee fast turn-on and accurate programming on our online surveys. From multi-language to complex survey designs, our programming team is dedicated to provide you with result oriented surveys. For your next online survey, trust us BMI Research with your survey programming and hosting needs.

Benefits of BMI Research Survey Programming and Hosting
Ability to check bad data (eg, speeder, straight liner, duplicate IPs, etc)
• Highly skilled survey programmers who understand research needs
• Customized survey surface or layout
• Ability to handle multi-language
• Secure internal system technology (project tools)

Online Panels

With an active member, our consumer panels offers unsurpassed breadth and depth, with a true Asia Pacific Region reach. Custom segments can be found to match the audience profiles and what you need to survey.

Panels are at direct line to opinion leaders, decision making and purchase influencers for companies and organizations. The are qualified members are invited to complete any kind of B2B study profiling that indicates their work roles, ITDM, responsibilities, job related interests and more field relate with.

Data Processing/ Analysis
We offer services for any kind of Data Processing/ Analysis.

Data Entry
You simply can let us handle any kind of Data Entry works with a competitive price offering. Do contact us for more details.