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Aug 13, 2008

About Us

BMI Research prides itself on employing a creative and versatile approach as an essential tool for producing quality result. We have exclusive access to some of the most widely used and extensively validated research techniques in the world.

BMI Research emphasises on quality of respondent which will ensure a high quality result. Our research is conducted by reliable field management system – which is able to warranty data reliability from our field works.

BMI Research has a record of achievements and proven tracks in diverse settings. In fact, most of BMI Research satisfied clients are multinational companies.

Currently we have offices and service facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia. To find out more about BMI Research, please do not hesitate to:

Kuala Lumpur:
No 24-2, Jalan 1/76C,
Desa Pandan, 51100,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T : +603 9281 4564
F : +603 9281 2559
E : info@bmi-research.com
W : www.bmi-research.com

JI Kemang Utara IX,
No 35, Blok AA6,
Perkantoran Buncit Mas,
Jakarta Selatan,12760,
T : +6221 799 8907
F : +6221 798 2773
E : true@bmi-research.com
W : www.bmi-research.com

We are committed to the objectives. We have the right tool. We are the right people.