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Oct 10, 2008

What BMI Research Can Do for You?

If you are in a position to make key decisions for your company – I am sure, for many a time, you ask yourself:

  • Will the business idea work?
  • Should I launch a new product now, or should I wait?
  • How many companies are making a competing product or service?
  • Do customers need the product or service we are offering?
  • How to reach out to potential customers and/or current customers?
  • What price would customers be willing to pay?
  • Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

Not easy to answer, uh?

Somehow you need to get some real answers, don’t you?

Ah well, that’s where we – BMI Research – comes in.

Briefly, market research study is the process of collecting and analyzing data – on/from the customers you want to reach. The result findings would provide you the information you need to develop effective marketing strategies.

With effective market research method*, BMI Research aids you to identify your current customers and target-market demographics; to understand your market; and even your competitors.

We could help you create a business plan; launch a new product/service; improvise your existing products/services; expand into new markets; and even provide insights into how emerging market trends may affect your business.

In addition, we would deliver information to help you in corporate branding and image; advertising awareness and effectiveness; and/or market segmentation.

In short, BMI Research would support you to translate information for making better marketing decisions. Hence, whatever your company’s challenges are, we would deliver the information you need to be optimal successful.

* BMI Research can help you to decide which research method or combination of methods will be the most effective in producing the most worthwhile results – for you and your company. Please call us at +603 9281 4564 or email to info@bmi-research.com

Maria Azlan
Chief Operating Officer
BMI Research (Malaysia)