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Oct 23, 2008

Win Them Over

We all love good customer service. Well, who doesn’t, eh?

But is there anyone who hasn’t heard or experienced with bad customer service? In fact, we could never easily forget any bad customer service experience, couldn’t we? Admit it, you still remember your last bad customer experience, and vow not to visit or patron it ever again, right?

Now, could the company or shop restore your trust and loyalty after the bad customer service?

Or, let’s put it this way: Could a company actually ‘treat’ a frustrated customer?

Honestly – you could win them back!

Be Responsive...
Many times, customers’ frustrations are fueled because we failed to acknowledge their reactions. Therefore, you shall take responsive action to ‘treat’ dissatisfied customers – quickly yet courteously.

Be Empathy...
To listen well, especially when handling customer complaints, you’ll be less tempted to defend yourself. This will also give both seller and customer enough time to calm down and refocus. Showing your own rage will most likely add more fire to his/her anger. More than anything, we hope that most problems can be solved constructively.

Be Problem Solver...
A displeased customer wouldn’t want to know why the problem occurred. He/she wouldn’t want to know how difficult it may need to resolve. All he/she wants is solution. Customer will go somewhere else when the problem wasn’t solved. So, fix the complaint and win a loyal customer.

Every customer is important – specially the disgruntled ones! Indeed, it’s much wiser to retain them than send them to a competitor.

Hence, improve your customer service. You can create a customer service satisfaction survey, or alternatively, let us help you make your angry customer happy.

Maria Azlan
Chief Operating Officer
BMI Research (Malaysia)