Hello how are you ?

Dec 19, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Just the other day, a friend complained about her employee’s misconduct. She then tried to explain the negative impact it had on the company, but her employee just walked out of work. She wondered, “Why are people so hard to deal with?

In most cases, one would side her friend. Yet, after hearing her complains, I could not. Subsequently, I asked her directly: “Do you really listen to your employee?

In reality, no one can deny that employees are one of our most important assets. You can actually find out information that will help you succeed when you actively listen to your employees.

As an employer, it’s advisable to make yourself more approachable, and eventually you would get the information from the horse’s mouth. Be more than an employer. Get to know them. Don’t overlook the employee’s perspective. An approachable manner would encourage honest and open communication between management and employees.

Also, be prepared for what you want to discuss as well. Open up your mind to what they can offer, and then let them loose with their proposals. Determine what their goals are with the company. You and your company have to be a part of their plans to reach those goals, and you have to help them achieve that.

In addition, listen to the concerns of your employees. Discuss with your employee how to make changes in the way certain procedures are handled. Guide your employees instead of instruct them. Explain to them how their jobs relate to other department and to the business as a whole. And, it’s necessary to empower, train, motivate and praise your employees.

Lastly, it doesn’t make sense to spend all that time and effort to employ the best people for your company if you’re going to ignore their input. Therefore, listen up!

Oh-ya, hopefully, my friend will start listening to her employees!