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Dec 4, 2008

Stop Frowning!

Financial crisis.





The use of such words have been attracting much attention lately. Current economic situation is not only challenging to your cash flow, but worse still it makes your company fragile!

So, as a boss, what do you do?

Do you begin worry to a point where your lack of confidence is written all over you when you’re interacting with your employees, customers, suppliers and investors?

Of course you shouldn’t!

First of all, simply stop worrying. Worry is not thinking! Worry blocks your mind from thinking rationally, and solving the problems effectively. The more optimistic you are about it the better, as your employees, customers, suppliers and investors will sense your apprehension. This takes a lot of “self-strength”, yet just think and act like a winner – and you will truly be amazed at the results.

At this time of crisis, in fact, you have to be a leader, not just a boss. Don’t boss around, but be the type of person people look up to. Everyone, particularly your employees, will seek for your guidance, confidence, reassurance and inspiration. Your positive attitude and actions will create equal positive reactions. Everyone will have more confidence, be more supportive, and eventually more productive.

Therefore, stop the frowning now.

(That shouldn’t be difficult, right?